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In Irish literature, the long journey of Maeldune's Voyage describes many supernatural islands. This painting is of the Island of the Eagles... An island where Oak and Yew grew thick
Beside a lake of fresh water. There they rested in the heat of the day.
There they saw winging from the south west, like a cloud that spanned the sky,
a great bird.
Large enough it was to carry an oak or man,
But in its talons was a branch of red berries. As it landed beside the lake they saw its feathers were worn and torn;
its eyes long dulled by age;
Its faded horn of a beak pulled berries from the branch.
And the juice that dripped from them stained the lake red. Flying over the lake, two more birds appeared, Their wings reflected on the red water.
They landed beside the old bird, plucking its feathers Until it bathed naked in the lake.